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We are active within cutting edge technology – Software, Crypto and Clean Energy. We firmly believe that well-used technology can solve many of our modern world’s problems.

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The power of the Sharing Economy

Global Tech takes part in the sharing economy and the knowledge economy. We think it is much more beneficial for a company to share its benefits with all stakeholders (customers, employees, business partners) than to share it only among certain directors and the shareholders.

So it’s only logical for Global Tech to use affiliate marketing for its business development. At Global Tech, our affiliates represent our strength and our complete marketing model is aiming to improve the lives of our affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a company rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by his/her own marketing efforts. Thanks to the products that improve the lives of our customers, and thanks to the affiliate program that highly rewards its affiliates, Global Tech offers real progress for all.

GTI Sharing Economy
United Care for Life Foundation | iPad screenshot

Giving people in developing countries access our technologies

Unfortunately, people in some countries will find it difficult to get access to our beneficial technologies. That’s why Global Tech supports a charity, the United Care for Life Foundation. Our affiliates can not only improve their own lives, they can also help other people in developing countries to access our technologies.

Global Tech is expanding its business all over the world, with security and safety as our prime concern. Thus the countries listed below are excluded from our business.

North Korea, Venezuela, Belgium, Luxembourg, Syria, Afghanistan, Myanmar. This list is not exhaustive and might be modified at any time depending on these country’s economic stability. Global Tech refuses any payment from banks in these countries, or from banks in the Netherlands.

Are you ready to improve your work‑life balance?

We want you to utilise technology to get a better balance in life! When joining a company like Global Technology Innovation, it’s natural to sometimes raise questions:

  • What will I have to do & How should I do this?
  • Is this a lot of work?
  • Can I improve the lives of families & friends as well?
  • Am I ready to improve my life?

That’s why Global Tech works closely together with The Life Balance Academy. The Life Balance Academy will train you and guide you step by step. You will progress and improve your life constantly, but always in harmony with yourself.

Starting today with Global Technology Innovation and the Life Balance Academy, you will be able to work to improve your life, and not just work to improve someone else’s.

Improve your life and Join us today!